Feel Active

Keep in shape with a holiday full of sports and entertainment. Discover the wellbeing of body and mind by training in the open air, surrounded by wonderful landscapes and breathing the fresh mountain air. Get out of your comfort zone and test yourself on the highest peaks, live adventures in the green woods and be amazed by overcoming your limits.

Back fit on holiday

Train yourself on vacation, and learn new habits for your body’s well-being!


See nature through the camera, and learn to catch the best views!

Many more activities to Feel Active!

Come and discover the Plateau from another point of view: drive, walk, cycle or ride. Venturing through woods and paths you can reach the peaks, visit old war forts, Malghe and hidden shelters.
Have fun
Feel the adrenaline that invades your body, your heart beating quickly! Don’t miss the opportunity to discover this territory living exciting experiences through air, land and water. Rafting, bungee jumping, paraglider and adventure park: for the fun of the whole family.
Start your days in the best way by awakening your muscles in the open air, and keep fit step by step accompanied by our experts and health professionals: nature will be your gym, where you can learn a new lifestyle.
Choose where to stay and let yourself be guided by your host to build your FeelGood Holiday!